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Computer Repair

Is your computer dead or making strange sounds? We can diagnose your system and recommend a viable solution

Data Recovery

Have you accidently deleted a file by mistake? Has your hard drive become inaccessable? We can recover your files from your hard drive or flash drive.

Custom Computer

With our expertise if you're not sure what you need we can recommend what will fit your specific requirements.

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow or acting strange? Let us check your system for viruses and malware then remove them accordingly.

Web Development

If you need a website for personal or business we can build you a professional site for your specifications.


Would you like to access all your computers and devices simultaneously? Are you needing to access your music or videos from a remote computer ie your laptop? Let us help you set up a home network.

System Upgrades

Speed up your PC or laptop by upgrading your memory or processor. Are you running out of disk space? Add a faster and bigger disk drive. These are some samples we can incorporate into your existing PC or Laptop.

System Maintenance

Be sure and periodically have us tune up your PC or Laptop.